Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Schwarzkopf Cupcakes

We were asked to make these beauties for Schwarzkopf with handmade fondant colour tube toppers to launch a new hair colouring product at their academy. Those lucky budding hairstylists were treated to both cupcakes and logo cake pops. Cute. The client loved them so much they have ordered more for next week.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How do you eat yours?

Yes, it's that time of year. Cadbury's Cream Eggs are back in the shops. Love them or hate them there's no escaping and that suits us just fine. They taste bloody brilliant baked into cupcakes and brownies. Looking at the food porn above, how could you resist?


Last year our good friend Noah at Maiden (the coolest gift shop that ever existed) suggested making eggheads for Easter. Well how about it. It only took a year but we finally got round to doing it. Thanks Noah!

Speckled Egg Truffles

We've gone mad and speckled everything! Don't these egg shaped cake truffles just look adorable in these candy coloured egg cartons?

Happy Easter

It's Springgggg! Or at least it's meant to be. The weather may be telling us otherwise but what the hell. In a moment of craziness I decided to spring clean the blog and start a fresh. So let's start with wishing you all a Happy Easter. Another excuse to indulge in chocolate and glorious baked goods. Who needs an excuse anyway? Plus I get to go on my annual trip to Wales. You may have noticed our gorgeous new imagery that's been appearing on our twitter and facebook pages, thanks to talented photographer Manuela July. Her images are fun and quirky and capture our delicious cakes perfectly. We hope you enjoy tham as much as we're enjoying putting them together. Check out our speckled egg mini cupcakes. The effect is created by mixing cocoa powder with vanilla extract and flicking it onto the cakes with a paintbrush. Fun! And our Easter Cake Pop collection is just as cute with sweet little chicks, bunnies and polka dot Easter eggs.